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I'm Pearson

breakfast food, king of the hill, horror movies

Sun in Aries, Moon in Cancer, Virgo Rising


*deletes your messages off my phone to symbolically delete you out of my life*

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anyone in asheville nc know of any local festivals/fairs/or gatherings of sorts? 

My boyfriend and I are traveling thru asheville from now til thurs and are looking to play music & hang out

inbox me 

thanks x

this guy at work asked to take some pictures awhile back..just got em hehe
i CANT model 4 my life doe

ahh everythings been weird lately

people popping up in my life n shit 

idk how i feel about this…


hahaha son this bread is huge


let’s play a game called “are you staring at me because im hot or ugly”

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yay ryans back!!!!


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